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Crush-Worthy Clutches

Clutch purses are a girl's best friend at every summer formal event (and even at the not-so-formal events, too). Sleek, light, trendy, and oh-so-cute, they allow you to carry around your essential items without compromising the rest of your carefully crafted look with an enormous sack purse slung over your shoulder or a thick messenger bag strap across your chest.

Our western clutch purses are not only cute but they're made with beautiful materials and designs so they'll last you through many outings to come. In addition, an even sleeker and lighter option is to substitute a folded wallet instead of a clutch purse. It's a great option for when you want to do away with the purse strap entirely.

Get the most carrying capacity while maintaining a polished look with a clutch purse. With a hand strap, thin shoulder strap, or both, clutch purses focus on staying fashionable and staying out of your way. When you'd like a way to free up your hands in a pinch, that strap can be a life saver. And you can fit so much inside there's even room for an emergency makeup kit (or three!) in addition to your essentials, because with some parties you have to be prepared for anything.

When it's really important to stay as sleek as possible - or when you're going for a specific look - substituting a handsome folded wallet instead of a slightly larger clutch purse can be an intelligent and fashionable choice. Not only does it keep your load as light as possible throughout the day, but there's a wide variety of materials, colors, and designs to ensure you can find something to fit handsomely with your outfit of choice.