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Rockmount Ranch Wear

Rockmount Ranch Wear, a three generation family owned business, is legendary in the western apparel industry.  It all began by Jack A. Weil, who is credited with several features of western shirts that are standards in today’s industry.  Rockmount introduced sturdy diamond-shaped snap fasteners, with a breakaway function to let loose if the shirt got caught.  Innovative sawtooth flap pockets were both stylish and functional, fastening better to hold its contents.  Rockmount also introduced the slim fit cut of their shirts, making it less likely for it to get caught while being worn.  Today, their signature design is known as the longest production style shirt in America.  The company also offers more modern styles of western shirts, with a relaxed fit and high quality fabrics such as 100% cotton gabardine.  But the classic design details and commitment to quality still remain the same.