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Why haven’t I received my order yet?

We’re sorry to hear your order is taking longer than you anticipated! We are always happy to look into any problems you are experiencing with your personal order. However, we know that sometimes a detail or two can be accidentally overlooked during ordering. It’s a good idea to make sure there hasn’t been a miscommunication about your order.

  1. Did you check the processing time on the products you ordered? Some products and brands we sell have a longer processing time before they are ready to ship out. Any processing time is always listed underneath the price on the product page. (Read more about processing time here.)
  2. Did you check the shipping speed of your order? Your original order confirmation email will show you the shipping speed selected during checkout. (Read more about shipping speeds here.)
  3. Did you check your email for messages from service@thewesterncompany.com? If there are any issues with your order (such as one of the products being back-ordered), we will attempt to reach you within 1-2 business days of the order being placed.

If none of these steps help with your particular problem, please reach out to our customer service so they can help you out directly.  

(INTERNATIONAL) Do you ship internationally?

Yes! However, our international shipping is very limited. If we do not offer shipping to your country, we may be able to make specific exceptions - please give us a call.

(INTERNATIONAL) When will my order arrive? / Why doesn’t my tracking have an estimated delivery date?

Unfortunately we cannot estimate delivery dates for international orders since there is no way to predict how long it will take your package to clear customs at the border, but in our experience it takes orders 2-4 weeks to reach their destination from the time you receive a shipment notification for your order.

What is “processing time”?

Processing time is the time it takes to get your order ready to ship, and it takes place between the day you place your order and the day your order ships. Any processing time for an item is always listed underneath the price on the product page.

Processing time is not affected by the shipping speed you choose at checkout and unfortunately it cannot be shortened.

To estimate when your item(s) will be delivered from the day you placed your order, follow this equation: Processing Time + Shipping Time = Estimated Delivery Time.

Don’t know what your order's processing time is? Find the item you ordered on TheWesternCompany.com (this store) and look just below the price on the item’s product page. Your order’s processing time will be the same as the item in your order with the longest processing time.

What do your shipping speeds mean?

Here are the three shipping speeds selectable at checkout:

  • Economy Shipping – 4-8 business days, Delivery by FedEx or USPS
  • Expedited Shipping – 1-3 business days, Delivery by USPS

Not all products and brands will have all shipping speeds available. Please keep in mind, Processing Time + Shipping Time = Estimated Delivery

Do you do overnight shipping?

Unfortunately, we’re simply not set-up to do overnight shipping right now, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Our fastest shipping speed (Expedited) is 1-3 business days after processing.

The item I want is listed with a long processing time. Can I get it sooner?

Sadly, there’s no real way for us to guarantee or coordinate a shorter processing time for your order, we’re very sorry. There’s a chance that your order may naturally ship out sooner than its listed processing time if the warehouse and offices are less busy during that time, but since there are many moving pieces involved it’s unfortunately not realistic to promise expedited processing times.

What if I need special arrangements for my order? / Can I get a better price if I’m making a large order?

To see if we can make any special accommodations for your order, please reach out to our customer service prior to placing your order on our site. If you need your item extra quickly, please reach out via phone. If you are looking for a custom price for your large order, please reach out via email.

(INTERNATIONAL) Why does my shipment tracking say my package was delivered to Denver?

Our apologies for the confusion! This is an uncommon error that sometimes happens on International Orders. When you receive shipment tracking that shows your package incorrectly delivered to Denver, this is a clerical error and does not mean anything is wrong with your order.

If you reach out to our customer service to let them know of the error, they will be happy to give you an accurate shipping update for your order.

Sometime is wrong with the product(s) I received. What do I do? / What is your product warranty?

We are so sorry for the issues you’re experiencing with your order! We are always happy to do whatever we can to help make it right.

If you are experiencing serious issues with the items you received, please reach out to us immediately via email at service@thewesterncompany.com. Please attach a photo of the product issue for our records. (So if your product has damage, please attach a photo of the damage, or if you received the wrong item, please send a photo of the incorrect style number on its tags.)

You can request a replacement or refund of the troublesome product or order, though in some cases a replacement may not be possible. (Such as if the item is out of stock.)

We are compliant with all of our brands' and vendors' personal warranties, so to learn more about the warranty for your particular product, research that particular brand's warranty on their company site. (Example: Ariat.com )

How do I return my item(s) for a refund or exchange?

You can always find absolutely all of our information on our Return & Exchange process and policies here, but here are a few answers to our most frequently asked questions:

  • Our return window is 60 days from when the product is delivered to your door.
  • You will need to include a completed Return & Exchange form in your package. We include one on the back of most packing slips, but you can also download the form here.
  • You are responsible for the cost of return shipping (or you can purchase one of our prepaid shipping labels for 8.95), unless there was a mistake or defect that impacted your order, in which case we are happy to cover the cost of return shipping.

How do I get a prepaid shipping label for my return?

We sell prepaid shipping labels for 8.95 if you contact us by email or phone. We can charge you for a label over the phone or via an emailed invoice, and then you will receive your shipping label via email. This prepaid shipping service takes 5-8 business days to reach us. Please keep in mind we cannot refund shipping costs that were not paid to us directly.

We find that customers who use our prepaid labels to return footwear or other heavy items can save greatly, but if you are returning a light item like a single shirt or pair of jeans, it is usually less expensive for customers to ship those items on their own.

I sent my order back for a refund. When & how should I expect to get my money back?

Once your order arrives at our Returns Department, packages are usually processed the same business day but can sometimes take up to 3 business days during busier times. Once your return is processed, your refund will be immediately sent back to your original payment method and you should receive a confirmation email within minutes. At that point, how long it takes the funds to become useable in your account is up to the financial institution (such as a bank or Paypal) that is handling your payment method.

We find that refunds usually are completed by the financial institution 1-3 business days after the refund is issued to your payment method.

I sent my order back for an exchange. When should I expect to receive my new item(s)?

Once your order arrives at our Returns Department, packages are usually processed the same business day but can sometimes take up to 3 business days during busier times.

Once your return is processed, your exchange order will be placed immediately and you will receive a new order confirmation email within minutes. We do our best to get exchange orders out as quickly as possible, but they are unfortunately still subject to processing times.

Do you offer Spanish-speaking customer service?

Most days, yes! Please call us at 720-316-6728 between 9am-3pm Mountain Time to ask if we have a Spanish speaking customer service agent available to speak with you. If we do not have anyone available, we are happy to take a message and have them call you back.

You can also reach Spanish speaking customer service agents by emailing us at service@thewesterncompany.com.

¿Ofrecen servicio y atención al cliente en español?

¡Si, casi todos los días! Por favor llámanos al siguiente número: 720-316-6728 entre las 9AM – 3PM hora de la montaña y pregunte si hay disponible un agente que lo pueda atender en español. Si no hay un agente disponible en ese momento, nos gustaría que dejara un mensaje para luego nosotros contactarlo.

También puedes contactar a un representante y recibir atención en español al siguiente email service@thewesterncompany.com.